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For the Love of Bees...

About Us

The Central Counties Beekeepers' Association is a community of beekeepers in Central Pennsylvania, including Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata, and Fulton Counties.  We welcome anyone with an interest in bees and beekeeping, regardless of experience.

CCBA Officers
  • President: Bryan Nolan

  • President-Elect: Eric Yoder

  • Secretary: Valerie Lintner

  • Treasurer: Larry Mutti

  • Information Manager: Eric Yoder 

CCBA Services and Activities

CCBA engages in a variety of activities to promote apiculture and support existing and prospective beekeepers.  These include monthly meetings, apiary visits, beekeeper mentoring, presentations to schools and community groups, and attendance at festivals and other community events.

News and Upcoming Events

Meeting and event information, as well as general interest announcements, are posted to the CCBA Facebook page.  Follow the link to our Facebook page here or see below.

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